R&D Competitions is a family run business set up to give everyone the opportunity to win some big prizes at very low cost. We strive to deliver the best prizes we can at the lowest cost while offering great odds at the same time. 

No, definitely not. For the purpose of this question I advertise my company with my face as this helps with trust and people know who they are buying from. Check out our previous winners if you’re still unsure. You may even know some of them, then ask them for yourself.

Simply log in/create account, browse the Comps, choose the comps you want to enter, select amount of tickets you would like and enter your details. Then wait for your confirmation email. 


The maximum number of tickets per customer, for each competition, will be clearly stated.

Yes, you must answer the question and it must be correct otherwise your order will not be received.

The draw will go ahead regardless of the ticket sales.

Payment has not been received or the order failed to go through. 

Selection will be by ‘Google Random Number Generator’, live on Facebook for everyone to see, at the specified time as per each competition.